Rock Run iPhone / iPad Game now available

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We are pleased to announce that our first game, Rock Run, is now available on the Apple App Store.

You’ve run through temples, doodle jumped your way to the skies, but can you “reach for the stars” on the biggest challenge of them all: Rock Run?

The goals in Rock Run are simple. Compete with your friends and the world to:

  • Get the highest score
  • Reach the highest distance
  • Get the longest continuous star trail
  • Get the highest star multiplier

Rock Run is a classic arcade game with simple game mechanics that have been crafted to perfection to keep you coming back for one more go. For every 10 stars you collect in sequence, your score multiplier increases. The higher the multiplier the greater your score and the greater the pressure to keep going without making a mistake.

Use the stars you collect to upgrade your ship and increase your scores even more. Every achievement you unlock also increases your score multiplier, so keep playing to climb the ladder of success.


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